Ultrasonic testing

Time leaves its traces behind.
They provide indications of causes.


Changes to the elastic properties on boundary surfaces (material divisions in the component) reflect sound waves that lead to significant echoes in components scanned by sound. The time that has lapsed between the sending and receiving of an acoustic pulse is measured to determine the location of this boundary surface in the analysed component. Ultrasound testing is an adequate testing method to detect internal volumetric and external errors in the case of suitable materials. This particularly applies to welded seams, cast iron, forging or other semi-finished parts.

In addition to well-known single-channel systems, Schmitt NDT GmbH also uses phased array systems (64-channel) and TOFD, where two-dimensional location coordinates are simultaneously coordinated with the measured result.

This delivers a convincing 2- or 3-dimensional presentation of the detected discontinuities and thus allows the substitution of radiographic images of thick-walled components. Schmitt NDT GmbH promotes this development.

Standard US devices in the pulse-echo method
• P-scan
• Phased array system
• Large portfolio of special search units available